New Price Drop: The LEGO Ideas Tree House Building Set for Adults Gets a MASSIVE Discount!

Update: It’s now priced at $144.23 instead of $249.99! (It was priced $175 a few days ago!)

Among the LEGO Idea sets, a few have catched my eye throughout the years. First, there was the SATURN V rocket set that was released in 2017, then the Ship in a Bottle Set in 2018, and finally, the LEGO Idea tree house, which was released in 2019.

For those interested, the 3,036-piece LEGO Ideas Tree House is currently for sale for just $175 instead of $249.99 (30% OFF!) If you want to have a beautiful set as a decoration for your home, this is one to get!

LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318, Model Construction Set for 16 Plus Year Olds with 3 Cabins, Interchangeable Leaves, Minifigures and a Bird Figure$249.99 $144.23

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