Get Ready for Netflix’s “Blue Eye Samurai” – New Trailer Out Now!

Netflix’s original creation, “Blue Eye Samurai,” takes the stage in an action-packed new trailer, offering a glimpse into a story of vengeance and razor-sharp skills.

Maya Erskine stars as Mizu, a biracial woman seeking retribution against her father, portrayed by Kenneth Branagh. After years of sword training, Mizu’s quest takes her through Edo-period Japan, where her distinctive blue eyes set her apart, even as her reputation grows with every opponent she vanquishes.

This visually striking trailer showcases Mizu’s amazing swordplay and promises an intense journey filled with allies, adversaries, and beautiful animation from Blue Spirit. With a star-studded cast, including Ming-Na Wen, Randall Park, Stephanie Hsu, and George Takei, “Blue Eye Samurai” hits Netflix on November 3rd, delivering a thrilling blend of action and drama. Don’t miss it!

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