1940s Public Domain Cat-Man Returns in Claw-Some Pilot Episode!


Attention, comic book enthusiasts and fans of public domain heroes – Austin McConnell, the renowned YouTuber and author with a vision for a vast cinematic universe, has just dropped the pilot episode of his latest creation. And it’s… please forgive me… claw-some!

Cat-Man, the feline-inspired hero who prowled the pages of comic books dating back to the 1940s, has been resurrected in a web-based animated series that’s bound to captivate audiences far and wide. Originally conceived by Irwin Hansen and published by Tem/Holyoke Publishing, Cat-Man swiftly clawed his way into the hearts of readers and eventually took over his own title.


But what makes this revival unique is Cat-Man’s journey into the public domain. After his initial stint in the limelight, the character faced years of obscurity, only to re-emerge in modern times as a copyright-free hero. His iconic status led to appearances in DC publications and later, alongside other public domain characters in Project Superpowers, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Austin McConnell’s web-based animated series promises to breathe new life into this classic character while paying homage to his comic book history. This marks a significant step in McConnell’s ambitious plan to create a cinematic universe populated by heroes from the public domain.

For fans of classic comics, lovers of revitalized heroes, and those curious about the creative journey ahead, the pilot episode of “Catman” is a must-watch. Be sure to check it out below!

Stay tuned for more adventures, as Cat-Man leaps from the pages of history and into the digital realm, reminding us that even heroes from yesteryears can have nine lives in the world of entertainment. For those interested in learning even more about the project, Austin McConnell has also released a video about his “quest” to revive the character:

[Via CB]

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