HONK: Cyriak Releases Video Featuring a Mutant Goose That Replicates and Consumes Itself

Cyriak, the ultimate creator of all things weird on Youtube, has just released a new video featuring a self-replicating mutant goose that spawns and consumes several copies of itself. It also somehow mutates into a beholder and a hydra goose at one point. Yep, it’s just as strange as you’d expect from the artist.

From Cyriak:

What’s this? A new video? Why, yes. Some goose experiments for your amusement. All done in after effects using some photos of a goose I found. Thought I would do something nice and simple for a change, but these things are never simple of course.

As a Canadian, I’m a little dissapointed and sad he did not use a cobra chicken instead.

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