Step Back in Time with Remastered Footage of 1920s New Orleans

1920s New Orleans

In a remarkable feat of digital wizardry, Youtuber NASS has breathed new life into a piece of history. Through the process of colorization, restoration, face reconstruction, and sound design, the video artist has transformed black and white footage of New Orleans in the 1920s into a vivid and immersive experience. This project sheds light on the vibrant cultural tapestry of the era, allowing viewers to step back in time and witness the past in broad and colorful daylight.

One of the things I really like to do while watching these videos is note the names of companies displayed on building fronts and check if they are still in business. There is a Bienville Praline Co. sign at 1:04, which led me to this page, listing the company as inactive.


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