Thailand’s Bun Bang Fai Festival – A Blast of Homemade Rockets and Community Joy

Get ready to witness a sky full of homemade rockets at Thailand’s annual Bun Bang Fai Festival in Ubon Ratchathan! From music and dance to spectacular rocket launches, this event brings together a tight-knit community of rocket enthusiasts.

This annual festival is a celebration of creativity and community, as local villages and communities go head-to-head in a rocket-building competition. While the quest for victory is undeniably thrilling, there’s a deeper purpose behind the spectacle. Each year, the participants come together with the shared hope of summoning much-needed rain for their agricultural endeavors.

One family, in particular, takes center stage in this rocket-making adventure. Meet Niyom Butprom and his daughter Tarn, who generously invite the folks from “Great Big Story” into their world, revealing how the art of crafting rockets not only ignites their passion but also brings their family closer together.

In the realm of these rocket makers, the sky truly is the limit.

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