This “Human Car Wash” Rube Goldberg Machine Might be the GREATEST Invention of All Time!

Human Car Wash

You’ve probably seen Joseph Herscher’s machines on the web in the past, but this “Human Car Wash” contraption might be his greatest invention yet! The “Human Car Wash” is not your typical morning routine. In fact, it’s designed to jolt Herscher out of his bed in the most unconventional way possible ā€“ by attempting to, well, “kill” him! As he springs into action, the real fun begins. On his way out of his appartment, he has to go through a wall made of soapy bubbles. Then, he gets scrubbed by a pair of rotating Christmas trees and blasted by 16 water guns. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Just watch the video. My text clearly doesn’t do his machine justice!

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