Supporting Geeks are Sexy: A MASSIVE Thank You! (And a Message to Ad Blocking Readers)

Dear nerdies and gentlegeeks,

A massive thank you to all those who donated last week after reading our post asking for help. My ultimate goal this year for Geeks are Sexy is to cut down on ads, removing some of the most annoying ones from the site. Thanks to Patreon, we might eventually be able to stop relying on these so much to deliver fun and informative content to you. Patreon allows the site to receive a steady stream of income that is not dependent on industry changes, which is an enormous stress for me right now.

I know a little over 30% of you use ad-blocking solutions to read Geeks are Sexy, so if you do, please consider supporting us. For about the price of a large latte each month, you could be making a huge difference in my life. Want to help? Here are two ways:

Contribute monthly to our Patreon
Make a donation via Paypal (Via a Paypal account or a credit card. It can be a single donation or a monthly one!)

You can also always access our Patreon page via the banner on the right sidebar of the site at all time!

Whatever you do, thank you for being there, and may The Force be with you, always.

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