Geeks are Sexy – Getting an Operation for a Very Rare Disease: Achalasia

Dear readers, just a quick message to let you know that I might be down for a few days this week. A little earlier this year and after many years of digging about what was wrong with my digestive system, I learned I have a very rare disease called achalasia that affects about 1 person in 100,000 per year. The gastroenterologist will be performing a procedure known as a POEM (Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy) to help me ingest food, which gets stuck in my oesophagus when I eat because the sphincter of my stomach does not open anymore.

Many of you have been following me since 2005, so I figured the least I could do is to let you know about what I’m currently going through. Even though this is a minimally invasive and apparently fairly safe procedure, I’m absolutely mortified about getting an anesthesia for the first time in my life and having some holes poked into me from the inside.

My wonderful girlfriend will be taking over for a few days to help me while I’m incapacitated.

Hopefully, I’ll be back before the end of the week to entertain you guys once again! Stay geeky, my friends!

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  1. Don’t worry. Just relax. And keep in mind that everybody has surgery everyday and get anesthesia.
    I never had a surgery until I was 37 and had to go under. I was fearful of going under before but it was either that or lose the function of my right hand (motorcycle accident) which would mean no sketching or video games.
    So, I had to convince myself that if everyone else goes under I can too.
    You’re under good care. You’ll make it out. And you’ll be able to eat better.
    Breathe and relax.

  2. Been there, done that. I’m 70 years old and recovered very well. Listen to the doctor and DON’T rush your recovery.

  3. Je dois avouer que dans la grande loterie de la vie..t’as mis la barre haute. On pense a toi et on t’envoie des bonnes vibes. On a hate de vous revoir.

  4. I have been following since before you changed the chick in the banner haha, it feels like forever :) all the very best with your op!!

  5. Get well soon buddy.

    Going through something like this the first time in your life can be quite terrifying. I was kinda lucky that I had my first surgery at 7 years old, when I had no idea what was happening and 30 years later when I had to do it again I knew that it was something I didn’t need to be afraid of, since I already faced it as a kid.

    Focus on the fact, that your life will improve after this and that it will be worth it afterwards. You have a loving partner that will take care of you and will be there for you when the going gets rough.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Best wishes from your fanbase in Europe. :-)

  6. You will get better soon, just focus on taking care of yourself. I’ve been following since ~2007 I think, and I have no doubt the website will continue to show amazing content as always.

  7. I’m on the site multiple times every day and never comment, but wanted to this time to say my thoughts and best wishes are with you! Safe procedure and speedy recovery!

  8. I’m sending positive vibes your way and I do hope you recover swiftly.

    Remember that asking questions before the procedure is always a good thing, knowledge dispels fear!

    If you are still nervous after asking questions….try to focus on something that you would really like to do once you have recovered. Imagine yourself doing that and before you know it….it will come to pass!

    Stay safe and try not to worry. :)


  9. Hope you’re on the way to a much more comfortable and happier way of life. Look after yourself and get well soon!

  10. Good luck man! All will be well. Looking forward to your speedy recovery and return to the site, which I view everyday!

  11. Best wishes and a speedy recovery! It’s good that you’ve been able to pinpoint the problem. Your site and daily email are the best!

  12. Sending positive vibes your way!
    I’ve been checking your (awesome) website for years, but never commented. I thought this was the perfect time for a first :)
    Get well soon!

  13. Never interacted on here before but has been my homepage for YEARS so just wanted to say heal quick and get back to keeping my home screen hilarious and entertaining. Good Luck!


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