Hulk Hogan Slammed Andre the Giant – The Official Music Video (From Jon Lajoie)

After spending all your hard-earned money after his successful (and fake!) “Make Jon Lajoie Super Rich” Kickstarter in 2013, the comedian is now back a decade later trying his hand at making music, and he’s actually pretty really good at it! Here is his latest single, “Hulk Hogan Slammed Andre the Giant,” which is part of his forthcoming album “Everyone Is Dead Except Us” out June 16th.

Hey friends, this song is an ode to a window of time in my childhood when the world felt simple, and unfettered and unfiltered joy was still easily accessible. A time when Hulk Hogan defeating Andre the Giant meant that everything was going to be okay for ever and ever. When playing with my WWF wrestling figurines in my backyard with my older brother was more thrilling and exciting than any roller coaster ride or $200 million dollar blockbuster film. As an adult, I rarely have access to that kind of emotional exhilaration anymore because, you know, life. However, that pure, blissful, unadulterated, child-like joy is so powerful, that even the memory of it can cause a small portion to travel through time to the present and put a silly smile on my solemn forty-two year-old face.

Yep, life gets in the way when you’re an adult. I miss that window of time as well, but for me, it was G.I. Joes and Transformers… and He-Man figurines!

For those interested, Jon also released another single a few weeks ago, “Everyone Is Dead Except Us,” which was written to help us remember how incredibly precious and temporary life is.

[Everyone Is Dead Except Us]