The Unbelievable Rise and Fall of The DeLorean, The Most 80s Car Ever Built

It’s an iconic car, the DeLorean, made famous by its fundamental role in the Back to the Future movies – but do you know the man behind the car? Do you know the John DeLorean story?

The DeLorean’s namesake, John DeLorean, lived a life so intriguing that it’s now the subject of two major movies. Framing John DeLorean, featuring Alec Baldwin, was released in July 2019, a mashup of documentary footage and reenactments of DeLorean’s extraordinary path. A month later brought the arrival of Driven starring Jason Sudeikis and Lee Pace and detailing DeLorean’s exhaustive – albeit questionable – quest to make the innovative, ethical sports car.

[Weird History]

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