Drone Deploys Armed Robotic War Dog [Video]

While Boston Dynamics has promised never to weaponize its robots, Chinese defense contractor Kestrel Defence has never promised such a thing. Here is a video showing their Blood-Wing/Red Wing drone deploying a robotic war dog, and yes, that is a machine gun you see armed on top of the robodog. Video embedded below:

“War dogs descending from the sky, air assault, Red Wing Forward heavy-duty drones deliver combat robot dogs, which can be directly inserted into the weak link behind the enemy to launch a surprise attack or can be placed on the roof of the enemy to occupy the commanding heights to suppress firepower, and ground troops conduct a three-dimensional pincer attack on the enemy in the building.”

Do you want Skynet? Because that’s definitely how you get Skynet at a certain point in the future and the downfall of the human race.

[Via BIS]