1000 Drones Give Spectacular Show at Burning Man 2022

From Vitaly Katasonov:

A new record for Burning Man. Thank you to Drift Studios and the 10 artists that produced this gift for the playa. You can see a grid of charging pads that the drones return to for recharging. This allows the show to go on for hours. The scale is immense, and visible from quite a distance. The physical movement limits of the drones lends itself to fluid motion and mesmerizing organic forms.

Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn founded Studio Drift in 2006 with the aim of pursuing the idea of reacting to and questioning human behavior with their creations. Nauta’s skills and experience in terms of craftsmanship and technology, and Gordijn’s feel for forms and concepts complement each other perfectly. Their designs inventively unite nature and technology, ideology and reality.

The duo has once again created a beautiful drone show for this year’s Burning Man festival. Starting out as sketches on paper, they translate each idea into the custom software needed to operate the drones. “We are using this technology to create artistic expressions and we want to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

[Vitaly Katasonov on Youtube | Via TA]

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