House of the Dragon: Hand Of The King Makes Shock Return Thanks to CGI Blunder

House of the Dragon may have cost around $20 million an episode to produce, but that wasn’t enough to stop an unfortunate CGI blunder.

In the latest episode, it was revealed that King Viserys had received several injuries from the Iron Throne, including losing two fingers. Rather than ask actor Paddy Considine to take method acting to the extreme, the producers had him wear a special two-fingered green glove to make it easy to replace the “missing” digits with a computer-generated background.

Unfortunately, in one scene spotted by Twitter user Sarah Capps among others, the CGI had been omitted, leaving Viserys with a full set of fingers, albeit not all of them looking that healthy.

As the Guardian notes, the blunder brings both a concern about how it could possibly have been missed before transmission, and a reassurance that at least some viewers are paying close attention to the show.

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