Mario Returns In First Person Horror

Think of any Mario game and you’re imagining fun in a third-person view. That’s why an unofficial in-development first-person horror game is so unsettling.

Another Princess Is In Our Castle puts the player in Mario’s shoes – and view – as he explores Peach’s castle. Or to be more accurate, the castle where the ghost of Peach now unveils terror.

Players need to collect statuettes of classic N64 characters while avoiding Peach’s ghost. Features include hiding in chests to avoid her (as long as she’s far enough away) and managing stamina for well-timed sprints.

The game is still in alpha development stage but is available as a Windows demo. At the moment it only covers collecting eight statuettes and should take around 15 minutes to complete.

Early reviews suggest the game is incredibly basic but surprisingly unsettling given the first-person mode brings just enough sense of feeling amiss to an otherwise hugely familiar scenario.

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