Toilet PC Makes A Splash

A man has turned his toilet into a gaming PC as a bizarre but effective publicity stunt for a computer parts retailer.

The fully-working PC is built into the cistern, with a “water wall” keeping the motherboard tray completely isolated from the plumbing, which still operates. There’s also a display window that rather bizarrely reveals both the PC components and the flush mechanism.

The main challenges in the build were keeping the cistern safely divided and fitting the PC components safely in the small space. The former involved extensive use of Flex-Seal on a custom three-section wall as the arrangement on electronic and plumbing parts didn’t allow for a single straight-line division.

The latter involved a Mini-ITX Motherboard, a single fan and a very carefully worked-out schedule to fit all the parts, inherently reducing ease-of-access with each addition.

The YouTuber, who goes by the name Nicholas Z or “Basically Homeless”, did the project on behalf of MicroCenter. While that’s a shameless publicity stunt, you kind of have to respect them for listing the project on their site complete with a pre-filled basket of the parts used in the build, and a “Favorite Feature” section in the description that simply reads “it flushes poop”.