Elden Ring Player “Let Me Solo Her” Honored By Publisher

An Elden Ring gamer who helped more than a thousand players through a tricky patch has been honored by publisher Bandai Namco. They sent a physical sword, scroll and plaque to commemorate the efforts of “Let Me Solo Her.”

The player became well known after repeatedly volunteering to be summoned by other players to help overcome the notoriously difficult boss Malenia. The person behind “Let Me Solo Her” later said they had taken 170 attempts to beat Malenia in their own playthrough and wanted to help others avoid the same frustration.

“Let Me Solo Her” became something of a meme, with one user even creating a mod that rethemes in-game assistant (or rather “spirit ash summon”) Lone Wolf Ashes as the character.

Now the person behind the character has revealed Bandai sent a unique commemorative package including a message reading “Congratulations on your great accomplishment.”

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