Old Playstation Peripherals Could Get New Lease Of Life

Sony may be working on making previous generation Playstation peripherals compatible with the modern consoles. It’s even possible that old memory card save you have at the back of a drawer might come back to life.

The idea is raised by a recently-published patent filing from Sony, spotted by GameRant. As always, the fact a company has applied for a patent is no guarantee it will make or release a product, but does suggest the idea has reached a certain stage of development.

Titled “Systems and Methods For Converting A Legacy Code Into An Updated Code”, the patent’s most intriguing element is a diagram showing a bunch of device types that could be connected to a console. They’d then be operated through emulation software.

The devices include the PlayStation Move controller from the PS3, a mouse, a Playstation Eye camera, a remote control (possible from the DVD playback era) and what looks like a PSP.

Perhaps the most exciting inclusion is an image of a memory card and a box simply marked “LEGACY CARD READER”. While we’re deep into the realms of speculation, a dream scenario for some would be a PS5 or future console that could not only run the full Playstation back catalog, but even let users revive their game saves from old memory cards, bringing back that perfect Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain create-a-wrestler or letting you finally complete Shadow of The Colossus without having to start from scratch.

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