Simpsons Hit & Run ‘Remake’ Back On Track

A truly open-world remake of The Simpsons Hit & Run is once again in the works. But it looks unlikely the (very unofficial) remake will get a public release.

Of the nearly 30 video games based on the show, Hit & Run was the best received, with a family-friendly take on the Grand Theft Auto-like sandbox format. Although it featured a wide range of authentic Springfield locations, it split the town into three maps, only one of which would be available in any given level.

Last year enthusiast Reuben Ward unveiled his work on a remake using the Unreal Engine 5 that would make the entire virtual Springfield available at once. That suddenly went quiet amid suggestions that lawyers had become involved.

A new video from Ward updates the project, with the warning “This is a fan remake for entertainment purposes, this game will never be available to download. Please do not pester my poor discord mods for a download link!”

It may be up to the individual viewer how to interpret that warning: the video goes on to explain that the project is getting new features including online multiplayer, which would seem somewhat pointless for a game that’s not going to get widely distributed.

The video also details improvements to the original graphics, which look to be a balancing act between taking advantage of modern capabilities and staying true to the animated feel of the TV show.

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