Apple Rumor Round-up: New Macbooks, iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8 Series, and More!

Normally most Apple news come in the week of its Worldwide Developers Conference. This year, though, it’s been followed by a flurry of leaks, speculations, and updates on almost all its gadget ranges.

TechRadar kicks things off with speculation/guesstimation that an M2 Pro chip could be part of new Macbooks by the end of the year and extend battery life to the point that the laptop runs a full day without a recharge.

Meanwhile Forbes has a series of rumors on the iPhone 14. It notes that in battery terms at least, the new Max variant will be much closer to the Pro Max than to the Pro. The 14 Max will reportedly have a 4325 mAh battery, virtually identical to that of the 14 Pro Max.

Turning to the Apple Watch, it looks like the disappointing lack of changes between the 6 and 7 series will continue with the 8 series. The only real advance of note is a rumored “Rugged” or “Extreme” edition that would include a more resilient design, extended battery life, and features such as altitude and GPS tracking.

The next Apple TV appears to have a more powerful processor and extra RAM to make it more suitable for gaming, disappointing those who were waiting for a cheaper model.

Finally, the anticipated (if not announced) augmented and virtual reality headset from Apple will reportedly have 16GB of RAM and run the M2 chip. That again suggests Apple is targeting power over price.

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