Apple Pimps Lock Screen For iOS16

Apple has unveiled a series of changes with iOS 16. It’s largely about personalization though there’s a surprise financial change.

The new system will support the iPhone 8 and later, along with most iPad models released from 2017 on.

Perhaps the biggest difference for most users is to the lock screen, which will have a series of customizable widgets, similar to the Apple watch. There’ll also be more support for live/real time notifications such as sports or delivery updates.

Users can also choose a lock screen photo and the system will attempt to create “a sense of depth” by identifying the subject (usually a person) and putting it in front of the time display, with the background of the photo behind the time. Notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen.

iCloud will now get a shared photo library for up to six users, with options to manually or automatically add photos to the library.

Users will get a little more control over Messages, with the ability to edit or recall those they’ve recently sent, recover those they’ve recently deleted, and mark messages as unread to easily find later on. The Mail tool gets a scheduling feature and a brief window to recall sent messages before they get delivered.

The Live Text feature which automatically recognises text in images will now support video. It will also have translation built in, along with currency conversion.

There’s also a big change for Apple Pay, which will now have a Pay Later option in the US. Purchase costs can be split into four equal payments, collected over the following six weeks with no interest or fees. The Wallet app will also have built-in order tracking from participating sellers.

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