Games News Roundup: Street Fighter, Goldeneye on Xbox, and (Groan) NFTs

If you want to pull a face in Street Fighter, play Goldeneye on the Xbox, or question the meaning of reality by buying an NFT for a battle royale, the games world has good news for you.

Capcom has revealed that Street Fighter 6 will have a fun twist in the “versus screen”. Pressing a directional button will make the character display an emotion, including scowling, being smug or cycling through multiple expressions rapidly to confuse opponents.

IGN notes it’s not yet clear if this will be restricted to four expression options or if there’ll be a wider range with players able to assign their choice to specific directions.

Meanwhile the quest to replicate the joy of the Nintendo 64’s finest gaming experience on modern tech continues. Rumors of an Xbox remaster are looking highly credible now that the Xbox website lists achievements for the game. The list includes all missions/levels from the original, suggesting a faithful remaster.

It’s maybe worth holding off on the excitement too much for now as a Xbox 360 Live Arcade version was expected later this year but appeared to have been ditched over licensing problems.

Finally the Epic Games Store has a listing for Grit, which appears to be somewhere between Red Dead Redemption and Fortnite Battle Royale in concept, if not quality. The most notable aspect is that the game is based around NFTs for the player’s character with a description reading:

“Play as an entirely unique character and customize their look. Generative Hero NFTs allow you to own your gunslinger and access cosmetic loadout slots, increased earning potential, and more.”

A spokesman for developers Gala Game reportedly said players will be left asking “why would you play any game where you don’t own what you buy in the game?” which is certainly a take.

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