The Official Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night LEGO Set is FINALLY Available to Geeks Worldwide!

We’ve been hearing about LEGO’s gorgeous Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night LEGO set for many years now, from its original form as a LEGO idea project right up to the official release of the product a few weeks ago. Now is the first time the set is available to the general public.

You could spend a lifetime gazing into The Starry Night, but each and every time you’ll find something you missed last time: that’s the beauty of one of the most famous landscape paintings of all time. You simply get lost in it.

Like many pioneers, van Gogh’s work was not fully appreciated during his lifetime, yet his significant and enduring legacy means he is still inspiring artists many generations later.

In fact, The Starry Night inspired LEGO® fan designer Truman Cheng for his winning LEGO Ideas submission that reimagines the famous painting in 3D. After receiving over 10,000 votes from the LEGO Ideas community, we turned it into a real-life LEGO set.

[Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night LEGO Set]

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