The Winchesters Gets a Trailer That Breaks the Supernatural Storyline? [Video]

I’m a massive fan of Supernatural, and I have a few issues about this trailer. Watch it first below:

Ok, now that you’re done, if you’ve ever watched the first series (2005-2020), you know that John did not even know that Mary, his wife, was a hunter before she was killed. A few seasons later, Sam and Dean go back in time, and only at that point does John learn that his wife kills demons for a living. However, the memory does not last because Michael erases their memory after Sam and Dean come back to the present.

I don’t know about you guys, but something just doesn’t feel right with this trailer.

Of course, this is a universe that deals with magic, so it would be easy to find a way to make all of this work in canon.

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