Quake Gets Harder, Easier And More Accessible

The 2021 remake of Quake is getting a series of accessibility features in its latest update. The game is also getting three new levels and a revised difficulty setting after user feedback.

The new accessibility options include a high contrast mode and an alternate typeface designed more for readability than style. Users also have several new options for in-game chat, including having the voices of other players in multiplayer chat turned into text and vice-versa. Meanwhile users who type their “chat” can now choose to have it read out by a synthesized voice.

Gameplay updates include three new levels for the Horde mode, named Relic, The Trial and The Tower. The developers also promise improvements to spawning and to the operation of multiplayer bots.

Finally, Horde Mode is getting skill balance adjustments after feedback that there wasn’t enough difference between the various difficulty settings. The Easy setting will now be, well, easier, while both Hard and Nightmare setting will become more difficulty. The difficulty changes will include how many enemies show up, when boss enemies appear, and when ammo respawns.

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