Help Needed: A Wedding United by Star Wars, Divided by War

Here, at Geeks are Sexy, we make it a general rule to stay away from politics and religion. This time, we are making an exception as the situation in Ukraine is directly affecting one of our own.

Eric Mainguy, one of our closest friends and moderator of the Geeks are Sexy facebook fan group, found love directly through us. This isn’t the first time love has happened via our posts, and it is also the second time (that we know of) that some of our members have met and then wed thanks to our blog! It is also how Yan (Editor in Chief) and I met almost five years ago.

Like a fairy tale, Eric met Katerina through a shared love of Star Wars. After many written exchanges and facetimes, they officially met in Montenegro last fall and got married in Ukraine January 22nd of this year. Eric came back to Canada a few weeks after the wedding, getting ready to welcome his new bride and her daughter, but unfortunately, that’s often when things start to go wrong.

Early one morning, Katerina, her mother, and her daughter, were awakened by a drone exploding not far from their house. They managed to flee the country and have been taken in by a wonderful family in Bucarest, Romania, while the imigration process is taking its course. This does not come cheap, though, so a gofundme page has been created to help Eric, Katerina, and their family get back together here, in Canada.

For those of you who wish to help, the Gofundme is located here.

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