Star Wars Theory: Cad Bane is NOT Dead

For such a badass and epic character, Cad Bane certainly had a quick and lame death in The Book of Boba Fett, and that’s why the bounty hunter is likely not dead. As you’ve seen in the last episode of the show, Boba stuck his Gaffi stick into Cad’s chest, and at first glance, that was the end of it.

What most people did not notice is Cad Bane’s vest beeping rapidly. This is likely a SOS message from his transponder asking his droid, Todo 360, to come and pick him up. At that point, and this is just a theory, the droid will either put him in a Bacta tank or take him to someone who can heal him. If you haven’t watched The Clone Wars, you also do not know that the Duros has a pipe going down his throat, with a mechanism allowing him to breathe, even while being Force choked. After all, Cad Bane is specialized, among many things, in hunting down Force users. It is very possible that this apparatus will keep him alive while being rescued.

Here is a video from Star Wars Theory explaining this possibility in more details:

[Star Wars Theory]

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