The Star Wars Holiday Special Upscaled in 4K is Even More Surreal Than the Original! [Video]

From Nick Acosta:

I have been remastering the Star WarsHoliday Special. It’s done using a combo of version shopping and software. There are a lot of bootleg versions floating around and some are worse than others. The main way to get more resolution is through a machine-learning program called Topaz Video Enhance AI. It analyzes it frame by frame. It is a LONG process so I cut the thing down into a modern-style trailer for it then upscaled that. I’ve long loved this weird thing. It’s so 70’s and goofy but it has the actors in their post-New Hope prime, it has the first appearance of Boba Fett and I still consider the whole thing canon. Hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t, be kind!

[Nick Acosta]

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