Dropping a Giant 1200-pound Pumpkin into a Pool from 100 Feet Up [Video]

Check out this video where the folks at the “Bauman’s Giant Pumpkin Drop” event drop a 1200-pound pumpkin into a pool from a crane that lifted the thing 100 feet in the air.

From Here is Oregon:

Bauman’s Giant Pumpkin Drop is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: taking a cast-off giant pumpkin, hoisting it 100 feet in the air with a crane, and dropping it into an inflatable pool.

This year, the pumpkin in question was a 1,200 pounder that had developed a hole during its growth. It began to rot and wouldn’t be able to be entered in the festival’s Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, which lead it down a different path, one equal parts spectacular and brief.

Yep, they sure do know how to have fun in Oregon!

[Here is Oregon | Via BoingBoing]

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