2021 Predictions The Simpsons Got Right (And 5 That Could Still Happen)

From Screen Rant:

By now you will surely know that the writers (or magicians, whatever you want to call them) behind The Simpsons are pretty good when it comes to predicting the future and making big calls that have actually paid off. So far they have successfully ‘predicted’ President Trump, the Game of Thrones finale, Lady Gaga’s halftime show, murder hornets and even the pandemic itself. Their predictions have been uncanny, and often eerie, and fans of the show have delighted going back in the show’s run and looking for other things they got right, or are at least pretty similar to things we are currently experiencing in the real world. And, to be honest, so do we! That’s why we thought we’d take a look at some of the things the show called this year, ones that are yet to happen, and some of the biggest predictions that could still happen.

In this video we will take a look at a natural resource shortage that has ravaged the UK, the billionaire space race (and which one the show successfully called going to space), the whole Ted Cruz fiasco, Kamala Harris’ inauguration outfits (which is very familiar to an outfit worn by another character in a prediction), a skit involving America’s Grandpa, Tom Hanks, and how they even suggested that the apocalypse will come this year…Yeah, let’s hope that last one doesn’t come true!

[Screen Rant]

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