My Relationship to Eternity: A Beautiful Video Tribute to Vincent van Gogh

“I thought an artist… had to teach how to look at the world. But I don’t think that anymore. Now I just think about my relationship to eternity.”

Here is to the painter I love, I admire and I share his story with great ardour.

No matter how many times I see this film, I am always filled with utmost zest almost the same way I feel while looking at Vincent’s works themselves. I am constantly taken aback by the use of color and camera in this film, and after I have read the letters from Vincent to his brother Theo, sometimes I almost imagine Willem Dafoe writing them. In my opinion, he fully embodied the character of one of the greatest painters who has ever lived.

As for Vincent, his work and his story always gave me the utmost comfort in the most trying times, as I am sure he brought comfort to many of those who came after him.