Struggling With ADHD

A wonderful comic by artist “Burning Bee” illustrating what people with ADHD have to go through daily.

“I figure out I had ADHD last year, but I didn’t seek an official diagnosis and medication until this year. I’m 30 years old, my school days are long behind me. I slipped through the cracks because I have predominately inattentive type and I was a quiet little girl. Having ADHD does not mean you have to be hyperactive and loud, it means you have a processing problem in your brain that doesn’t allow you to regulate your focus or emotions.

Mental health even now is still taboo to talk about. People are more open now than ever about it however and that gives me hope.

This is a profoundly personal comic and it only reflects my own experience with ADHD. It is on a spectrum with a wide range of personalities. But if my story connects with someone else and helps them, that would mean the world to me.

This won’t be the last thing I make about ADHD. I’d love to do comics on misconceptions about it and the positive sides.”

[Burning Bee Illustration | Via MC]