Iron Maiden Releases Epic Animated Music Video for Stratego on Adult Swim [Video]

Check out Iron Maiden’s awesome animated music video for “Stratego,” the main track from their new album, Senjutsu, which can loosely be translated from the Japanese as “tactics and strategy.”

For those who are wondering what the kanji means in the video, here a list:

White flags: 命 – life / fate
Black flags: 死 – death
Chariots: 飛車 – rook
Armour of main opponents: 王 – king
Gateposts to the dark land (2:52): エディの王国 – Eddie’s kingdom
Golden helmet next to giant skull (3:06): 金将 – gold general
Shogi piece between king pieces (5:02): 龍王 – promoted rook (“dragon”)

[Adult Swim]

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