The Jim Henson Dark Crystal Tabletop RPG is Coming!

If you enjoy tabletop roleplaying games and are a big fan of Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal universe, you’ll be pleased to learn that River Horse has just announced The Dark Crystal Adventure Game! Choose a Gelfing clan! Build your character! Explore the magical world of Thra!

The Dark Crystal: Adventure Game

The Dark Crystal: Adventure Game

This is The Dark Crystal: Adventure Game. Within these pages you will find everything you need to create Gelfling characters with your friends and venture into the amazing and unique world of Thra.

In this hardback book (Approx. 290+ full-color pages) you will find:

High-quality cloth-bound hardback with three ribbons to help you keep track.
Easy to learn rules, perfect for the first-time player.
Massive 200-page adventure for you to explore with your friends.
Unique transparent overlay pages with hidden information.
Fold-out scenes for epic locations from Dark Crystal lore.
Handy double-sided reference bookmark and a map of Thra.
Illustrations by Brian Froud, Chris C├Žsar, and Iris Compiet.

The rules of the game are designed to help new players create characters and get started in the world of storytelling games, but the adventure is designed to be playable in any RPG system with new and veteran players in mind.

Choose a Gelfing clan

Choose a Gelfing clan!

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