Tina Guo and System of a Down’s Serj Tankian Partner Up for Strange Space Travel Anthem [Video]

Tina Guo just released Moonhearts in Space, a music video that somehow seems to pay homage to space travel, but I’m probably wrong. For the song, she partnered up with the disembodied, floating head of System of a Down’s Serj Tankian, and it’s the weirdest thing! Also, Serj Tankian is a Jedi Master. Just watch below!


I want to know
where you go
To your home
That we all live in space

We need to find
A new way to survive
And we look up at you
But we’re all in space,

A hand in the hour of need,
An hour in the need of a drink,
A drink in the body of an addict,
An addict in the body of a child’s mind,
A child’s mind in the need of a father,

Spinning varieties of psycho plastic nonchalant
Star glazers at best.
A cello, a tangerine field
Engulfed by fire,

You were undressed
With your lies I confess,
But I don’t want to know,
Cause we’re going to space,

Children, let’s pretend
We can see everything
But we can’t,
I can make the pain go away,
No you can’t !

Going to space….

We need to find
That one thing that defines
What we are to this place
Yet we’re going to space,
Going to space,
Stay in our place,
We’re going to space,
Staying in our place
Going to space
We erase the past,
We erase our mask,

Our fate isn’t determined
By humanity,
Our fate is determined
By depravity.

[Tina Guo]