When The Unsolved Mysteries Theme Meets Metal [Video]

Unsolved Mysteries is a show most of us have watched at one point or another in the past, and its theme song is one that sticks in your mind, even after hearing it just one time. Here is a really cool metal cover of the iconic Unsolved Mysteries theme by Eric Calderone of the 331Erock Youtube channel. Enjoy!

So I’ve watched this show since basically I was born. And I won’t lie, Robert Stack used to scare the absolute shit outta me haha. The theme though…..mmm mmmmmmmm. I really wanted to do it straight up, ya know the drums at the beginning, but I thought it would have a nice lil twisty feel if it started off like Angels Dont Kill. Thanks so much for everything. I’ve said it before…you rock my casbah.