Henry Cavill Geeks Out About Warhammer 40K at Witcher Con [Video]

Most know it: Henry Cavill, Witcher for hire and Man of Steel, is a big nerd. He used to play WOW, he builds his own gaming PCs, and he’s a massive fan of Warhammer 40k. While being interviewed at Witcher Con a few days ago, the actor went a little off topic and told the show’s host how he thought the chandelier on the set of The Witcher looked like a Blackstone Fortress from Warhammer 40K. Here’s the video:

After seeing the video, one of Netflix’s Twitter account posted a tweet celebrating Cavill’s nerdiness, to which the official Warhammer Twitter account responded: “We can’t think of anyone more qualified to explore a blackstone fortress with!”

Now how amazing is that?

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