Rubber Finds a Way: Jurassic Park Gets Cosplaying Duckies

Numskull has just unveiled their new Jurassic Park line of Rubber duckies, starting with two fantastic characters from the franchise: John Hammond and Dennis Nedry! I’m sure many more are soon to come, likely including a t-rex, a raptor, and Ian Malcolm (as portrayed by duck Jeff Goldblum.)

John Hammond

John Hammond -the creator of Jurassic Park has earned his place in the duck pond. He’s instantly recognisable with his signature straw hat, white shirt, glasses, beard and walking stick. We would know him anywhere –even as a duck.`

Dennis Nedry (and his can of Barbasol)

Dennis Nedry – there’s no mistaking Dennis the Duck in his trademark, black glasses, Jurassic Park uniform, security tag complete with his new duck face, and he’s carrying his Barbasol – let’s hope he’s not sneaking any dino embryos into the duck pond!

[Jurassic Park Cosplaying Duck Collectibles]

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