Launch Your Career in IT with this All-Access Bundle, Now 50% Off

Online security and support is now an essential element needed for companies and individuals working more from home. This new normal has caused a significant boost in IT careers, bringing in brand new opportunities in the IT career realm. A three-year subscription to ITU Online All-Access can help you kickstart a new profession or finesse the skills you already have by teaching you everything you need to take on today’s core digital technologies.

Jam-packed with over 200 courses and 2,000+ hours of training, you’ll have an endless amount of content at your fingertips. You’ll dive deep into the fundamental concepts and programs needed to become CompTIA certified—a credible certification trusted by IT employers around the world. You’ll learn concepts such as installing and maintaining operating systems, troubleshooting workstation security issues, identifying threats to network security, determining the proper allocation of cloud resources, and so much more.

Each course also provides a progress tracker, note-taking section, and detailed practice exam to understand each topic comprehensively. You’ll be presented with real-world examples and be able to practice hands-on concepts, allowing you to learn by doing. With over 650K students enrolled, this popular bundle brings a mecca of information that helps you take on each course category (Programing, Project Management, Virtualization, etc.) for a fraction of the price of other online courses.

Geared for all levels of experience, each course is led by industry experts, helping pave your way into career advancements or merely getting a more rounded education for your current position. You’ll soon be on your way to becoming a well-versed IT professional.

Access to a three-year subscription to ITU Online All-Access is normally priced at $400, but for a limited time, you can get access at 50% off for only $199. Kickstart a career path in the IT realm and launch your journey to acing the world’s leading tech certification series.

Prices subject to change.

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