Vokabulantis: A Stop-Motion Video Game Created Using Real-World Objects

Sure, there’s been a few innovative ideas in the world of video games in the past few years, but nothing standing out as much as Vokabulantis, an upcoming stop motion single player or co-op platformer by developers Wiredfly and Kong Orange. Check it out in the presentation video below!

Vokabulantis is a love-driven co-op platformer adventure. The game is inspired by games like Inside, Unravel and Little Nightmares, yet it’s made by hand. Join Kurt and Karla in their struggle to restore peace to Vokabulantis – and to express their feelings for each other after their words have been taken away.

“Think Alice in Wonderland went on a trip with The Hobbit with handcrafted and stop-motion animated by Miyayzaki in a game that plays like Inside or Little Nightmares II. – easy right?,” said game developer and studio owner, Esben Kjær Ravn.

“When you digitize reality like we do here, you also bring the digital to life in a way. It feels magical. In our game a rose really is a rose. You can actually come to our studio and hold it in your hand, but you can also control it’s movements in the game,” commented owner of Wired Fly animation, Johan Oettinger.

You can support the Vokabulantis kickstarter right here. There’s still 9 days remaining to the crowdfunding campaign, which has already raised $70,884 on a total objective of $82,621. It would be a real shame not to see this one coming to completion!

[Vokabulantis | Via Worthplaying]

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