DARE MIGHTY THINGS: NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Parachute Design Gets an Umbrella, a Dress, and a T-Shirt!

When NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover entered the red planet’s atmosphere, it deployed a parachute featuring a very particular design:

The patterns on NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover parachute, is a binary code where Red is for 1 and White is for 0. When decoded, the code reads “Dare Mighty Things”. The design on the outer ring of the parachute shows the coordinates for JPL: 34°11’58” N 118°10’31” W. Could it get any better?

With that in mind, the awesome and very creative people over at Svaha have created an umbrella, a dress, and a t-shirt that pay homage to this design. I’m not that much into wearing dresses, but I’d definitely get the umbrella and the tee!

[Svaha’s “DARE MIGHTY THINGS” Collection]