Fast-track Your Way To Excel Mastery With This $34 10-Course Bundle

When it comes to efficient ways to boost your hire-ability by learning coveted skills that transfer to a wide variety of fields, Microsoft Excel is the ultimate versatile and reliable program to learn. The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is a comprehensive guide to Excel that goes far beyond the basics.

With 10 courses, 657 lessons and over 50 hours of content, this course bundle will walk you through the many, many sides and applications that Excel has to offer. Learn from experts in data science to use Excel for data visualization, complex mathematics, finance, HR and more.

Start out with a crash course in Excel 365 to master the fundamentals of the program from getting oriented to using more advanced functions and tweaking Macros. Dive deeper into Macros with a course that focuses on them. Then, explore the more advanced elements of Excel with courses specifically on creating dashboards and data visualizations.

For an introduction to data modeling tools and business modeling, a specialized course will walk you through Power Query, Power Pivot and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Ensure that your skills transfer to Google Sheets with a course that focuses on organizing information through Google’s spreadsheet tool. Additional courses go over using Excel for HR and Learning and Development (L&D) dashboards and analytics, Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Excel Pivot Tables, data science and machine learning for stocks, and more.

The courses in this bundle have high reviews because they’re straightforward, thorough and intuitive. As you learn new ways to use Excel, you’ll be able to practice your skills as you go, sharpening your finesse with the software. Valued at $2000, the All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle has been highly discounted to just $33.99. Access everything you wanted to know about Excel, and more, with this in-depth online course bundle.