Five Great Theories of Who Tom Bombadil From The Lord of the Rings is

From the hundreds of books I’ve read in the past few decades, The Lord of the Rings is the one I’ve read the most. Among the characters from Tolkien’s wonderful universe, none is as mysterious as Tom Bombadil. In this video from Nerd of the Rings, host and Tolkien nerd Matt Graf explores five interesting theories about who Tom Bombadil might exactly be. A Valar? A Maiar? Eru Himself? Watch below and find out!

Who is Tom Bombadil? It is one of the biggest questions in all Middle-earth. Today, we are going to cover five of the best and most popular theories of who, or what, Tom Bombadil is. We will cover many of the oldest and most common: Tom is one of the Valar, Maiar, and Eru himself. As well as a newer and more complicated theory!

[Nerd of the Rings]