Strom Crow Releases The Perfect Custom D20s (You Could Even Get One for FREE!)

Storm Crow was one of the best Canadian “geek” alehouses before the Coronavirus pandemic came crashing down upon us last year. In order to survive, the owners have not only started delivering their awesome food to fans, they’ve also lauched a kick-ass online store. Among everything they have on sale, I have to say that their custom D20s are my favorites! Behold!

The High Roller – May All Your Crits Be Natural! (You could get this one for free if you use it for an engagement proposal! See note below!)

If you need a High Roller for an engagement proposal, though, please send us a note. If you propose to your partner with a High Roller, AND they say yes, we’ll give it to you for free.*

The D2020 Die

The “How You Will Die” D20 Die

Awesome, right? And yes, for those interested, they do offer worldwide shipping!

[Strom Crow Dice]