‘You Call This Archaeology?’

Amid the news that 78-year-old Harrison Ford has signed up for a fifth Indiana Jones movie, it occurs to us that it’s about time for Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. to retire from the fictional Marshall College. His colleagues, fellow archaeologists, and movie fans got together on Twitter to propose chapters for a book honoring his work.

It’s a long thread, considering Jones’ varied adventures and issues in the field of archaeology. Proposed entries include:

“Guerrilla tactics and Archaeology, Weapons and combat training for the field archaeologist.”

“Collection Management Strategies in the Era of Warehouse 13: A Post-Colonial Analysis”

“That Belongs In A Museum, But Which One?: The Art of Repatriation.”

“The importance of stylish fedora wear while fighting Nazis.”

“Why does it have to be Herpetology?”

Read the still-growing Twitter thread, and add your own ideas for the potentially huge volume.

[via Metafilter]