THE LAST BLOCKBUSTER – A Nostalgic Documentary ft. Kevin Smith

The Last Blockbuster

The last blockbuster is a fun and nostalgic documentary following the manager of the final remaining Blockbuster video rental store as she struggles to keep her business open. I miss Blockbuster! There was something truly magic about video rental stores: The smell, the popcorn, the satisfaction of browsing though all those VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray cases. Even though technology and Internet streaming makes renting videos more convenient, especially during a pandemic, it steals most of the pleasure behind the simple act of physically browsing for something new and exciting to watch. Or maybe that’s just me being an old fart? Even after renting really bad movies, we usually still watched them anyways since there was actually an effort involved in getting them. I had several memorable nights where I ended up laughing my ass off watching atrocious movies. Yes, I’m looking at you Hugh Grant.

Watch the trailer below!