This is The Way: The Perfect Mandalorian Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

Mandalorian Ornament

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A few days ago, we featured the Baby Yoda/The Child “Hallmark Keepsake” ornament on Geeks are Sexy, and today, here’s the one featuring Din Djarin himself. Not only is this Mandalorian ornament absolutely gorgeous, at $19.99 (as I’m writing this), it’s also actually affordable compared to the one based on The Child, which now goes for over $40 depending on the seller. This is not the way.

Shielded in beskar armor with his face hidden behind a T-visored mask, the mysterious Mandalorian is battle-worn and tight-lipped, a formidable bounty hunter in an increasingly dangerous galaxy. Add to your Star Wars Christmas tree ornament collection with this dynamic design featuring the titular hero of the Disney+ original streaming series, “The Mandalorian.” With unparalleled artistry and exceptional detail, Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments are perfect for preserving precious memories, commemorating special milestones and celebrating individual hobbies and interests.

Star Wars Mandalorian Ornament

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