Adorable Baby Yoda Ceramic Pot Planter

Baby Yoda Planter

A totally adorable mini The Child/Baby Yoda ceramic pot planter by SixthCompany. Please note that if this one is out of stock, there are plenty of other models right here!

An awesome, cute and colorful representation of ‘Baby Yoda’ is brought to life as a pot planter! Place any plant of your choosing inside its cute little pot – whether the plant be real or fake, there’s a hole at the bottom to ensure water drainage. The perfect gift, it can be placed at any Star Wars fans’ beside table, office desk, or kitchen as an aesthetic indoor pot planter.

Baby Yoda Pot Planter

Now let’s just hope he doesn’t gobble up the plant, because we all know how fond he is of putting things (alive or not) inside his mouth.

[Mini Baby Yoda Pot Planter]

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