These Ultra Realistic Robotic Dolphins Might One Day End Theme Park Captivity [Video]

Introducing the robotic dolphin that might one day end marine park captivity for good. Each of these dolphins by U.S. company Edge Innovation are covered with medical grade silicone skin, weighs 550 pounds (About 250KGs) and cost between $3 and $5 million dollars.

The team hopes the robotic marine mammal will one day jump through hoops and perform acrobatics at theme parks – but the starting cost for one is $3 million to $5 million. Roger Holzberg, creative director for Edge’s animatronic program, said: ‘The idea of this pilot is really to create a kind of ‘Sesame Street’ under water,’ ‘Those characters taught a generation how to feel about different kinds of aspects of humankind in ways that had never been imagined before. And that’s what we dream of with this project.

[Reuters | Via BIS]