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With the Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Course Bundle, Learn all about how to build new development tools and infrastructure as a DevOps engineer with 47 hours of content on GIT, Ansible, AWS, Agile, and more! Just $39 instead of the bundle’s MSRP of $2500 (98% off!)

DevOps engineers are responsible for building, automating, and setting up development tools and infrastructure for speedy software processes. With 9 courses, this course will walk you through Docker, Puppet, Ansible. GIT, Agile, and AWS. This bundle is perfect for students and professionals who wish to become System Developers, Project managers, and testers, data analysts, junior data scientists, analytics professionals, BI and reporting professionals, project managers, and who are actively looking to build a career in DevOps Certification training.

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle$2500 $39 (98% Off)